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5 Reasons to Deploy Hosted PBX in Your Small Business

Hosted PBX is getting more popular than ever.  Below are five reasons that you might consider deploying a hosted PBX right away.

1. Minimal Up-Front Expense

Small business capital is precious.  While it is important to invest in assets that will make your business more productive and efficient (thereby saving you money), it also makes sense to weigh these against other direct investments in your business.  With Hosted PBX you can have a feature-rich PBX installed without the capital expenses typically associated with a telephone system.  By choosing hosted services, your communication expenses are typically flat-rated and paid monthly.  This not only helps you preserve operating capital up front, it also gives you a more stable rate each month for you communications, eliminating surprises.

2. Ease of Deployment

Once your broadband is in place, hosted PBX services are very easy to deploy.  If you are not porting existing telephone numbers, the process can be as short as 24-48 hours.  In addition, temporary DIDs (direct inward dial numbers) can be provisioned so that you can operated your hosted system along side your existing system (if one is in place) until the primary telephone numbers are ported.  On the port date, you are used to the new system and ready to go when your incoming calls hit your new system.

3. No Experience Necessary

This one is twofold.  The administrator of your hosted PBX is trained to manage the day-to-day settings that are customized for your business needs. Only basic computer experience is necessary.  If you can operate a web browser, you can modify your PBX settings.  Secondly, hosted PBX services can be programmed and supported remotely.  Since your features are hosted in the cloud, changes can be made remotely from anywhere – allowing your service provider to make changes to your services and features remotely, saving you the cost of rolling a truck.

4. More Features, Less Money

It may be possible for you to deploy a hosted PBX solution for the same amount of money as your existing telephone lines alone.  While each install varies based on size and specific requirements, there are cases where businesses have been able to accomplish just that.  New phones, new features and maintenance for the price of phone lines. Many times the price of the overall solution will increase your monthly bill, until you realize that it’s almost impossible to compare apples to apples when comparing legacy services to hosted services. There is so much value built into the hosted monthly rate.

5. Business Continuity

Will this entire solution riding on your broadband connection, downtime may be a concern right?  Well not really.  This one is a no brainer.  Hosted PBX services typically include a feature that can go by many names: auto failover, disaster recovery, business continuity, etc. The nice part is this one is automatic.  You set it and forget it.  During implementation, simply select a number that you would like to automatically have calls routed to in the event of an outage and you’re done.  If the power or your broadband circuit fails the calls ring at your backup number.  When service is restored, your calls ring back in as usual. This is one of those invaluable features that allows you to focus on your business instead of trying to restore your communications during an outage.

Hosted PBX services are incredibly customizable.  There are many reasons that it makes sense for certain businesses, these are just five.  If you would like to see if Hosted PBX is a good fit for your business, simply provide your details below and we will send you a free overview of our solution.