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6 Primary Features of Call Center Applications

Call Center Features for Small Business

When you hear the term “Call Center,” what comes to mind?  Initially, I think of a cubicle farm full of headset-wearing operators who’s job it is to answer phones all day every day.  While this is partly true (people are answering phones), Call Center or Automatic Call Distribution “ACD” features have a place in small businesses as well. Below are the six (6) primary features of call center, or ACD services:


Agents receive incoming calls from a queue. To receive queued calls, they must first be set up as an agent, then assigned to one or more queues.

Pause and Unpause

Ability for a call center agent to pause calls from ringing their phone while they complete a task or take a break.


If available agents are busy or unavailable, calls can be routed to an intelligent call queue. You can prioritize calls by value, request urgency or customizable rules.

Reason Codes

An Agent can temporarily choose to stop receiving calls without logging out of the queue. The agent can pause their incoming queue calls and provide a Reason Code to state why.

Tally Codes

A Tally Code allows Agents to indicate the nature of the call. These codes can be used to categorize calls for billing or other custom purposes.

Zero Out

Zero Out allows callers to leave the queue by pressing “0” and choose other call routing options, such as voicemail.

In addition to the features listed above, ACD applications allow for fairly detailed reporting that can give you insight into the experience your customers are receiving when they call your business. How long were they on hold?  How many callers were waiting to speak to an agent at the same time?  These types of questions are easily answered with call center reporting.

If you would like to learn more about Call Center / Automatic Call Distribution features and how they may benefit your small business, drop your first name and your best email address in the fields below and we will be in touch.  As a bonus, we’ll send you another 5 advantages of our Hosted PBX solution, which fully supports Call Center functionality.