virtual assistant

The assistant who is anywhere and everywhere, even when she’s not there

She is always there for you. But she can also be anywhere for you, and “out of the office” does not apply.

She is not expected to be at the office by 8am. But you know she will be available at 7:15am to handle your early morning client calls, and if you have clients calling after 5pm they don’t have to wait until the morning to reach you. She’ll take care of them and reach you when necessary.

Like you, she doesn’t have to struggle to get up at 5am, scarf down an energy bar during her commute and get there at 7am just so she can handle those early morning calls and urgent emails.

She is there for you but she is also able to eat a healthy breakfast, drop her kids off at school, and fit in a workout because she is available to you beyond the typical 8-5 workday.

She also gets to be there for her kids’ games, plays, and most important moments…and she works around these events without having to make up time for not physically being in the office.

She is flexible, she gets her work done well (and then some), and she is more than available when you need her.

She’s there for you but she’s also there for her family. And so are you. This is the kind of dynamic that makes for a successful business and valuable long-term employees.

How is this possible?

Her desk phone, her email, her voicemail and her extension are right there in her pocket. Whether she’s down the hall or down the road, and she can answer and route your calls.

She’s there to manage your calls, email, and more while on the train from Jersey to NYC to drop something off for your clients or waiting at home for her kids to be dropped off by the school bus.

She is the assistant who may not physically be right there in the same office as you always…or often…or ever. And the only way you, your colleagues, your clients or your business are impacted by her physical location is positively. She offers flexibility and mobility, and she gets things done far beyond the office and office hours.

Your assistant is several places at once.

At least it feels that way.