Todd is a husband, father and telecom business owner. He enjoys Crossfit, clean eating, photography, all things technology and is a private pilot.
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Effective immediately and until further notice, CSII is suspending client site service calls With the current state of the world, living in the midst of a global pandemic, I believe it is important that we take every precaution as a company to protect our employees and our clients from exposure to this virus. The actions that we
Event Planning Ring Groups
  Anyone who has been part of planning a wedding (or any major event, for that matter) knows how stressful, confusing and frustrating it can be to get everyone on the same page. Something Old: Disconnect and confusion when planning a wedding Something New: Ring groups and customized call routing make wedding planning a breeze
The Case of the Missing Agent
Every office has at least one: the realtor, salesperson, specialist, or attorney who clearly works hard but is always missing and is incredibly difficult to find. Andy, a real estate agent in Nashville, is the missing agent at his firm. They call him “0018.” On any given weekday, he has at least 18 clients to
Call Flow Healthcare
In our last article we introduced you to the concept of customized call routing. Whether you have a real person answering every call (who kindly sends your customers to the right person quickly) or you have so many incoming calls that you cannot afford to pay enough receptionists to answer every single call, the customer
Spring Forward Fever
  Anyone who works in an office (school, courtroom, etc.) knows what to expect the Monday after setting clocks ahead for spring: most of those who are on time are a little less put together than usual, are clearly tired and are likely a bit grumpy. Those who have the option either took all or
Custom Call Routing Sign
Have you been struggling to answer every call that comes in to your business? You may not realize how valuable it is to manage how incoming calls – and incoming business – are controlled.