Todd is a husband, father and telecom business owner. He enjoys Crossfit, clean eating, photography, all things technology and is a private pilot.
Spring Break Blog Post
Are you planning to take the spring break vacation you deserve or are you so buried with work that you won’t allow yourself more than a few days’ vacation?
Reduce Overhead - Boost Productivity Post
  Like most small businesses, you likely think about reducing overhead and increasing productivity often. Today more than ever it’s important for small businesses to make the most of our investments. Our focus needs to be on building productive assets rather than stacking up needless expenses. There are so many expenditures in our businesses that are
A quick glance at the business cards in the offices of most real estate agencies reveals an alarming trend. A trend that is causing many brokers to lose a surprising amount of sales commissions each year.
Hosted vs SIP Blog Header
A simple infographic to show the differences between Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking and which might be better for your small business.
Call Center - ACD Blog Post
While most people picture a huge cubicle farm of headsets, Call Center or Automatic Call Distribution "ACD" features have a place in small businesses too.
Overcoming Objections Blog Post (1)
It's imperative that your communications technology is capable of keeping up with the ever changing needs of your business.