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Adoption rates for cloud communications are rising quickly, as small and medium-sized businesses embrace the possibilities it brings to their communications. Here is a quick checklist that shows 7 of the top benefits for small and medium-sized businesses.
With greater availability and lower costs of broadband internet access, there are many benefits to adding multiple connections to your business. Here are three of the top benefits we see for adding a secondary connection to your small business.
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SIP trunking offers numerous key advantages over standard telephone services. It provides users with the ability to combine their voice, video, and data network into a single phone line, enabling them to enhance their productivity while substantially reducing costs. It also increases the versatility of usage and simplifies the approach to phone installation. Here are

What is SIP Trunking?

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What is SIP Trunking? SIP stands for “Session Initiation Protocol,” and it’s a technology that enables users to establish voice communication sessions, like phone calls and conference calls. While conference calls can easily be made from a traditional landline, SIP trunking enables the calls to be made from a cloud-based service. The phone service is
Switch to VoIP
Compared to the complicated hardware necessitated by landlines, VoIP is fairly simplistic, despite the advanced and customizable configuration options.
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As a small business, it’s easy to forget about IT security, until it’s too late. ┬áMany times small business owners and operators think that they can’t afford to properly secure their network and computers. ┬áThe truth is the exact opposite – you can’t afford to NOT secure your network. Did you know that for most