How Internet Redundancy Can Save Your Business and Make You More Productive

With greater availability and lower costs of broadband internet access, there are many benefits to adding multiple connections to your business. Below are three of the top benefits we see for adding a secondary connection to your small business.

1) Increase Your Speed by Bonding

Many times you already have the highest speed connection that is available at your location.  And sometimes that just isn’t enough.  What if you could double that speed?  With the addition of bonding hardware and a secondary connection (that has the same speed as your current connection) you are able to double the current upload and download speed of your single connection.

2) Business Continuity

The addition of a secondary connection adds a layer of continuity and failover for your primary internet access.  It is best if this is from a different provider and even better if it is delivered in an alternate method (wireless, etc.).  Adding a dual-WAN (wide area network) router to your setup will allow you to operate on your primary connection and automatically failover to your secondary connection should there be an outage or problem. In addition, multiple connections can also allow you to segment your access:

  • Internal employees on the primary, guests on the secondary
  • Data on the primary, voice on the secondary

3) Increase Productivity and Reduce Downtime

Perhaps the biggest benefit of utilizing multiple internet connections is increased productivity and reduced downtime.  By increasing (potentially doubling) your internet speed, your employees spend less time waiting and more time working. Web-based and SaaS (software as a service) applications load and process faster. Dual connections and automatic failover greatly reduces the chance of downtime for your business.  The less downtime you have the more profitable you can be.  This is especially true if you have business critical connected applications such as point of sale, transaction processing, etc.

If you are interested in adding an internet connection to your existing setup, or want to know what’s available at your business location, click below to provide us with some quick info and we will be in touch.

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