3 simple reasons your business should be using cloud-based communications instead of a premise-based phone system.
  A Sales Manager and an IT Manager walked into an office. As with any other day, the two had conflicting views on many things but knew they needed one another for their careers and dealt with their differences as best they could. Bob, the Sales Manager, poured his morning coffee as Don, the IT
Event Planning Ring Groups
  Anyone who has been part of planning a wedding (or any major event, for that matter) knows how stressful, confusing and frustrating it can be to get everyone on the same page. Something Old: Disconnect and confusion when planning a wedding Something New: Ring groups and customized call routing make wedding planning a breeze
Custom Call Routing Sign
Have you been struggling to answer every call that comes in to your business? You may not realize how valuable it is to manage how incoming calls – and incoming business – are controlled.
Reduce Overhead - Boost Productivity Post
  Like most small businesses, you likely think about reducing overhead and increasing productivity often. Today more than ever it’s important for small businesses to make the most of our investments. Our focus needs to be on building productive assets rather than stacking up needless expenses. There are so many expenditures in our businesses that are
Hosted vs SIP Blog Header
A simple infographic to show the differences between Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking and which might be better for your small business.