Call Center - ACD Blog Post
While most people picture a huge cubicle farm of headsets, Call Center or Automatic Call Distribution "ACD" features have a place in small businesses too.
Overcoming Objections Blog Post (1)
It's imperative that your communications technology is capable of keeping up with the ever changing needs of your business.
7 Benefits of Cloud Communications Header
Adoption rates for cloud communications are rising quickly, as small and medium-sized businesses embrace the possibilities it brings to their communications. Here is a quick checklist that shows 7 of the top benefits for small and medium-sized businesses.
SIP Trunking Header VoIP
SIP trunking offers numerous key advantages over standard telephone services. It provides users with the ability to combine their voice, video, and data network into a single phone line, enabling them to enhance their productivity while substantially reducing costs. It also increases the versatility of usage and simplifies the approach to phone installation. Here are