Centralized Call Management
Empowering your employees to communicate while retaining the ability to control and manage your inbound and outbound call features and reporting is the basis of centralized call management.
Dead in the Water - Cisco 504G IP Phone
As a small business owner it is critical to have backup plans for key areas of our businesses, such as our business data and communications. With an increasing trend toward voice over IP (VoIP) and communications hosted in the cloud, it is now necessary to think about how you will operate in the event of an internet outage. Fortunately, there are new technologies that can help take the load off of you.
Ethernet Cable in Port Blue
Broadband is a necessity for both large and small business operations and economic development. The FCC believes so too. So much so that they developed a National Broadband Plan. The plan sets an ambitious agenda for connecting all corners of the nation while transforming the economy and society with the communications network of the future --robust, affordable Internet.
Hosted PBX with Cisco 504G IP Phone
Explore the advantages and disadvantages of deploying a hosted PBX solution for your small to medium sized business.
The flexibility of these services may be just the competitive edge your business needs to thrive.

Voice Over IP – What, How and Why

When you search Google for how to tie a bow tie, the results come back to you over the internet protocol.  With internet bandwidth (DSL, cable, etc.) getting faster and more reliable, it is becoming more efficient and cost effective to send voice calls over these same networks.