How to make sure your IT people are happy people

We’ve told you all about how cloud communications can significantly improve daily life and increase happiness for business owners, executive assistants, field staff, and more. But what about IT people?

Most office workers gain both flexibility and efficiency when phone systems are moved to the cloud, and all employees benefit in many ways, even if their job requires them to be in the office during regular office hours.

Yes, we’re huge advocates for moving your business into the emerging remote workforce culture, but we know there are certain jobs that are not best performed off-site 100% of the time. And for every office that employs people who need to be physically there at least part of the time, there is usually a handful of employees who are expected to be at the office simply to support those people.

This population usually includes information technology (IT) staff.

Whether they are walking someone through a new software program, setting up their laptop or simply helping them fix a bug, some people are just nice to have around when you have a multitude of people working on computers in one place. Not everyone “gets” computers, and trying to walk someone through a complicated installation over the phone can take more time and money than just standing right next to them while they work through it (or while you do it for them).

So while there are many reasons to go remote with the majority of office employees, certain aspects of local networks, servers, and employees of a physical office do need on-site maintenance and troubleshooting from time to time.

But some should not.

One on-site responsibility that has traditionally fallen in the laps of an internal IT department has been the burden of maintaining the phone system. This is likely because phones have cables just like computers, but this is not exactly something many IT people accept as part of their chosen career path.

Fortunately, you can save time, stress and work for your favorite IT people by making the simple, smart decision to move your phone system to the cloud.

Here’s why:

Less work. 

Because it’s cloud based, there’s less to maintain on-site.


It’s much easier to offer remote support for a cloud-based phone system than a locally-hosted one.


IT staff are much more comfortable working on a phone system that is hosted and controlled on their own network. Networking is in their comfort zone.

Easy work. 

Any repairs or troubleshooting that may remain on their laps would be just the easy stuff (like resetting routers, etc.). No more programming or rebooting complicated phone settings or call paths from each phone.


Because cloud-based voice communications exist on an IP-hosted phone system, operations are in the realm of IT staff knowledge and experience. The learning curve is much smaller and troubleshooting procedures are very similar to the methods they’d use for a network problem.

Surely the rest of your company would agree that relieving your IT people of the burdens of physical phone system maintenance is a major benefit for all.

Happy IT staff, happy office staff.

Just let us know where to send the party favors.