Billy Goat

Communications and The Right Tools for the Job

Over the weekend I continued to clean up some of the underbrush and small trees on our lot.  Up until now, with a pair of old hedge trimmers and a chainsaw, the work had been going relatively slowly.  However, this weekend I made a ton of progress due to one little change – the tool I was using to do the job.  I borrowed an Outback Brush Cutter, also affectionately nicknamed a “Billy Goat” to work on a lot of the smaller trees, briars and other underbrush. This made a huge difference.  The Billy Goat is a powered, bladed, walk behind machine designed to run over and chop up just about anything in its path.  I was able to make a large dent in the work I was doing in a much shorter time frame, thanks to this incredible machine.  In fact, it did such a great job I had to stop yesterday so that I didn’t thin out the lot too much.

Tools are designed to us do a job more efficiently and effectively.  Some tools, like a screwdriver, are simple, but still far more effective than using our hands.  Some tools are more complex, have more moving parts and simplify even difficult jobs.

Communications is a tool for business.  Far too many companies think of their communications tools as an expense, when in reality they are assets.  Assets to be used to increase sales, reduce other costs and make our businesses more efficient. These tools no longer reside within the walls of our businesses either.  Communication hardware, software and cloud solutions allow key members of an organization to remain in contact with coworkers, vendors and customers while in the office, on the road or even at home.  These tools have extended the work time and workplace to wherever and whenever we choose.

Are your communication tools doing enough for your organization? Is there missing functionality in your present solution? Now more than ever may be the time to rethink your needs and how your communication tools can be a more productive asset.