CSII Introduces Wireless Broadband and Last Mile Replacement

We are excited to announce our newest service offering – high speed, business-class wireless broadband service!  On June 21st, we installed radio hardware on our initial tower. This tower is now offering low-cost high speed broadband services within a 5-10 mile radius of the tower (based on line of sight and/or structural conditions). Our second tower deployment was June 29th on Oak Mountain.

CSII Wireless broadband tower intstallation

These two tower deployments allow CSII to offer low cost, WIRELESS high speed internet to businesses within the coverage area. This service is does not rely on the telephone or cable company. This is not satellite internet either!  Our wireless infrastructure replaces the last mile, the portion of the network that has traditionally kept service costs high.   We’re your choice for business-class value!  Our qualified technician will visit your business, perform a site survey, then install a small indoor or outdoor radio unit and antenna and activate service. If our signal cannot be received, there is no charge. Our radio unit will provide an Ethernet connection for your computer or router.  Installation is only $189.00 plus the first month’s service. Monthly service is billed at $125/Mb therafter, and can billed automatically via credit card.  Take as much bandwidth as you would like and upgrade your service at any time.  There are no long term service contracts and no equipment to purchase!