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CSII Suspending On-Site Service Calls

Effective immediately and until further notice, CSII is suspending client site service calls

With the current state of the world, living in the midst of a global pandemic, I believe it is important that we take every precaution as a company to protect our employees and our clients from exposure to this virus. The actions that we take will have an impact on the future of this situation – good or bad. Our local, state and federal government at the encouragement of the CDC has recommended “social distancing” – maintaining six feet of distance with all other persons. Most recently, we have been highly encouraged to avoid gatherings of 50 or more people or the next eight weeks. 
As the virus continues to be transmitted at an alarming rate, CSII is implementing our work from home strategy, effective immediately. We have the communications and software tools in place to continue business operations. Below are our normal contact methods, should you need remote support.
Telephone: (770) 834-2453
These measures may seem excessive. However, I hope that we can look at these actions in hindsight as the turning point for this pandemic. 
Todd Middlebrooks
President, CSII