Event Planning Ring Groups

Custom Call Flow Series: Smooth Your Event Planning with a Customized Ring Group


Anyone who has been part of planning a wedding (or any major event, for that matter) knows how stressful, confusing and frustrating it can be to get everyone on the same page.

Something Old: Disconnect and confusion when planning a wedding

Something New: Ring groups and customized call routing make wedding planning a breeze

The flowers. The dress. The bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen gear (sizes, colors, shipping or pickup arrangements, oh my). The photographer.

The church arrangements, reception venue, invitations, RSVPs, hotels, rehearsal dinner, beverage service, FOOD, music, seating arrangements, weather. The headaches. All for one (big) day.

Whew. And then you throw in one little miscommunication? One missed message from the florist or hotel or minister regarding availability? Forget about it.

There has to be an easier way – one that does not involve paying a wedding planner $15,000 to do everything for you.

What if there was a simple, affordable way to make things go smoothly?

Well there is! It’s called a ring group.

No pun intended.

Here’s how using one number for all wedding planning activities and setting ring group customizations could ease so many planning headaches:

  • Voicemail to Email and/or Text Message A ring group can be set to send an email to an event-specific email account so there is an easy record of any details/arrangements by date and time. The message will include the date and time of the call, the duration, Caller ID and/or number, and an attached WAV file that can be played on your PC or mobile device (e.g. smartphone or tablet capable of playing WAV files). You can also enter an SMS address to send a shorter text message instead of / in addition to the email. This way action can be taken more quickly if need be.
  • Ring Groups enable multiple receivers to be joined as a group, and then route calls sequentially or simultaneously to that group. The group could include those interested in helping out with any or all of the event preparations, or each part of the preparation could have its own group assigned (e.g., food and catering, decorations, entertainment, etc.) with voicemail included that each member of the group can access.
  • Forward Calls Locally or Remotely via Phone or Web, which is easily set up and managed from your desktop or on-the-go. The forwarding can be used to pass calls on to key decision-makers or voicemail when needed.
  • Incoming Caller ID Routing lets you route calls to the appropriate person based on incoming Caller ID (like the caterers, photographer, minister, florist, etc.).
  • Call Routing Time Frames allow for call routing decisions based on time and date. Multiple schedules can be configured based on who is available to handle event planning responsibilities on certain date and at particular times.

Hours and hours go into planning that one big day, but taking control at the beginning can make it so much simpler. Ring groups are easy to use and quick to set up. Make event planning worth the effort but simplify the communication so it can be enjoyable and memorable!