more vacation time

Ever wish you had more vacation time?

Ever wish you had more vacation time?

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to spend more time traveling with your family?

Or floating down a river?

Laying on the beach?

Hiking up a mountain?

Running around Disney World?

Okay, okay, we heard you. We knew the answer, but thought we’d remind you of the many more places you could go in one year if you only knew how to work it out with your work schedule.

We can help. Read on, and you’ll be exploring and relaxing in more beautiful places very soon. It’s time to work around your life instead of the other way around. Ready to learn the secret of more vacation without sacrificing income?

The key to more vacation time is knowing how to stay connected.

Here are five ways to take your work with you so that you’re able to get enough done while you’re gone to make it easy to get away.

1. Set aside a couple hours in the morning to take care of the essentials and you’ll have more days on the beach. Schedule it to be sure you start and stop on time.

2. Set a custom call routing configuration ahead of time (we can help!) to automatically route calls you don’t need to take on vacation to those back home who can assist.

3. Be reachable if needed and keep all voicemails in your email for the next morning when it can wait. We all know the difference between calls that really need to be taken and those that can wait until the next morning (or at least nap time, bathroom breaks, or rest stops).

4. Reserve your laptop and coffee ritual for the morning (unless you’re a night owl) and use your mobile application (yes, we can help with this as well) for the rest.

5. Relax with the knowledge that you can communicate with clients and colleagues from your mobile without giving out your cell to a single person thanks to the mobile extension that masks your number as your desk / office extension.

Take care of the essentials. Then enjoy having more vacation time by being smart and well-informed. 😉

The technology is there, and as long as you’re willing to balance the work and vacation (with the understanding that it’s the work that allows you more vacation), your family and your sanity will be pleasantly rewarded (and relaxed). Enjoy!