Spring Break Blog Post

How to Take an Extended Spring Break Vacation and Stay Connected on Your Own Terms

As spring break season approaches and nice weather (hopefully) follows closely behind, many of us are itching for an escape / relief from cabin fever and the business of the holidays and 1st Quarter stress.

Are you planning to take the vacation you deserve or are you so buried with work that you won’t allow yourself more than a few days’ vacation?

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Some of the most successful CEOs and business owners truly cannot relax if they are completely disconnected from the office. Fortunately they have plenty of options to relax these days.

10 years ago, there were many limitations to taking your work with you – which many of us may never have minded. However, with the rise of mobile communications and cloud technology, being partially connected to your business while away can actually be a good thing:

  • You can set controlled periods of time to handle important emails, phone calls, and questions while allowing yourself to disconnect the rest of the time
  • You have more flexibility on dates and can take advantage of cheaper airline fares
  • Most importantly, you can make the most of your airfare / road trip and stay away longer while not missing out on important meetings, calls and other business

Here are some great ways to enhance your communications options and optimize your vacation time with Mobile VoIP office extensions – so your mobile phone can become your mobile office:

  • Find Me Digital Assistant – You can set up a digital personal assistant to find you at up to 5 locations. This is configured by call extension and offers multiple routing and messaging options such as Auto Attendant and Unified Mailbox
  • Cloud Extensions – used to configure the routing of call traffic to and from the Hosted PBX and provide flexible voicemail capabilities
  • Softphone Support – access your office phone wherever you are, allowing you to be called by any number and allowing you to be assigned any domestic phone number. Fully featured phone applications allow you to make and receive calls, transfer calls, forward calls, teleconference and check your voicemail

With options like these, you can take full advantage of your time away with your family by staying away longer by connecting (only) when you need to.

Just make sure you don’t spend too much time on your work.