Now we can all work in the cloud

In our last article we promised to help you integrate a remote work option into your existing company structure, and we’ve told you plenty of times how beneficial this will be for company morale, overhead, and attracting more talented candidates by opening your doors to the growing remote workforce and moving your business to the cloud.

We’re here to show you how.

They say the first cut is the deepest, but in this case the first step makes every other step smoother and easier to take. The first step is our exciting new mobile application, ClickConnex, which seamlessly connects you to the office with no sign of separation and the ultimate in user experience.

Below are our favorite reasons why this new app will make your transition to virtual business both profitable and efficient.

  1. Be ready and waiting to cater to the ever-growing remote workforce.

    To reiterate a point we made in our last article, “What is an “option” today is quickly becoming more of an expectation, as a new generation of talent is emerging into the workforce with the best knowledge of what a mobile and cloud-based career looks like.” Our new mobile app will enable you to exceed the expectations of this workforce and help your existing employees shine, as well.

  1. Be easily reached all the time at your office number, even when you’re “out of the office.”

Your office number is all they need. When someone knows you’re the one they need to speak with, they simply call your office number and their call is received by the app, right there on your cell phone – without anyone knowing you’re out on the back porch, soaking in the sun with sweet tea and your latest financial report in front of you as the birds sing.

In other words, you can be working anywhere and the app will eliminate the hassle of clients or employees needing to track you down. The receptionist can call your extension, as well, and it rings right there on your mobile all the same. In fact, once you have the app it becomes your extension, and you have complete control of when you’re “in the office” and when you’re unavailable.

  1. Keep all incoming and outgoing calls dedicated to your company, rather than the personal numbers of you or your employees.

When your office number and phone extension (or your employees’ mobiles) are handled right there in the app, there is no need for anyone to give out their personal cell phone number. All calls coming in from work contacts are via your office number, but even better is the fact that you can easily set up your phone to make outgoing calls from your mobile appear to come from your office. You can make client calls from your back porch any time of day, and it will appear to come from the company phone.

This is great for everyone’s privacy, but it is also an advantage for those with employees (or real estate agents) who earn clients through your business: you’re eliminating the likelihood of your customers contacting salespeople directly. If they leave your company, they can’t take that office number with them.

  1. Give your communications systems a competitive edge by connecting your office smoothly to any location where you (or your people) need to do business.

Whether it’s a meeting at a coworking space, a conference call from an on-site visit, or a back-and-forth series of calls that need to be taken in between trials and discovery sessions for a busy attorney, ClickConnex takes your company into the virtual business office with ease and a slick presence that will impress everyone involved. The app is your virtual phone system.

  1. Enhance the communications system you already have in place by making it work twice as hard for you…thus making your work/life balancing efforts that much easier.

You are already invested in a phone system, and all the routing and extensions and settings you have in place are hopefully working well for you. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could extend this infrastructure to mobile and exponentially grow the virtual size of your office?

This means better work/life balance for those who can work just as well (and likely better) when they’re not stuck at their desk.

It means you and your assistant can both see your sons play each other in that late afternoon soccer game and the office can hang out right there in your pockets (just in case a client has an urgent question and needs to reach you).

Flexibility and control are the key points here, and ClickConnex offers the location and time flexibility that gives you much more control of something that can be truly stressful and inefficient when it’s not managed well.

But having control of your communications system and making your existing phone system do this much more means you could soon be allowing your staff and your business to be time and location independent, thus increasing morale and growing the company’s bottom line at the same time.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all work like this and take our calls in the cloud?

We’re ecstatic that there is now an app for that.