phones on the cloud
We are not strangers to the amazing benefits of moving your phone system to the cloud. It’s what we do, and clearly we were early adopters and have been advocates ever since. We’ve told you plenty of times how hosting your voice and telecom system over IP / the cloud, rather than on-site, can change

Now we can all work in the cloud

In our last article we promised to help you integrate a remote work option into your existing company structure, and we’ve told you plenty of times how beneficial this will be for company morale, overhead, and attracting more talented candidates by opening your doors to the growing remote workforce and moving your business to the
  Modern communications are complicated. When you hear or read about the technical processes that make them work, it can be overwhelming and confusing. And while these technical details are interesting, amazing, and necessary (for those who understand them, at least), most people have no real need to actually get it. Most people just want
Remote Call Forwarding provided by CSII
Are you planning to launch a new business or a new line of business that will have a standalone telephone number? One way to get your business underway, while you're still planning your launch is to utilize remote call forwarding.
Auto Attendant Graphic for Call Routing
Learn how implementing an auto attendant can add value to your business and your customer experience.

What is Hosted PBX?

Hosted vs Premise Header
What is Hosted PBX? How does it differ from a traditional telephone system? Why would I want to install such a system?