The Meeting

An email from Annie pops up on Jessica’s screen as she returns to her office from her second long-winded meeting of the day. Annie doesn’t usually email her unless it’s important, since she’s right down the hall and does a great job of working independently the majority of the time. Again, unless it’s important. Or

Now we can all work in the cloud

In our last article we promised to help you integrate a remote work option into your existing company structure, and we’ve told you plenty of times how beneficial this will be for company morale, overhead, and attracting more talented candidates by opening your doors to the growing remote workforce and moving your business to the
KAREN MIDDLEBROOKS EARNS CERTIFICATION AS A SENIOR PROFESSIONAL IN HUMAN RESOURCES Carrollton, Georgia, January 8, 2012 — Karen Middlebrooks, HR Manager for CSII, recently earned certification as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR). 

The certification, awarded by the HR Certification Institute, signifies that Middlebrooks possesses the theoretical knowledge and practical experience in human resource