What you’ve been missing (and how it can change your life)

We are not strangers to the amazing benefits of moving your phone system to the cloud.

It’s what we do, and clearly we were early adopters and have been advocates ever since. We’ve told you plenty of times how hosting your voice and telecom system over IP / the cloud, rather than on-site, can change your business, and we are doing our best through this blog to show you how taking advantage of the significant benefits of this decision can change your life.

Our customers love the way their desk phone can transform into their mobile without any of their clients being affected.

Their office numbers call directly to and from their cell phones, right along with any call routing, voicemail (including the source information and the recording itself), and conference calls.

They are now able to carry their desk phones around in their pockets, and many people can carry their entire offices with them, as well (as long as they have lightweight laptops).

We’ve seen tons of physical offices go either partially or entirely virtual, and seeing employees and managers improve not only their productivity and efficiency but also their overall happiness is why we get up in the morning.

We live in an age where technology can significantly improve our daily lives if we know how to use it. Read on for an example of how a tow truck company owner’s switch to cloud communications literally changed his life.

A Day in the Life of a Towing Company Owner

Before: Wake at 5am. Rush to get to the office by 6:15 to check messages, return calls, answer emails, check on job status updates and dispatch the morning drivers. Spend all day managing dispatch calls, calling from the road to check and return voicemails, playing phone tag with the team, and serving as a backup towing vehicles.

The catalyst: A friend with a booming lawn care business calls and tells him how cool this phone company is that he just signed on with and how they’ve already saved him time and money while improving the way his entire company works. He calls the phone company right away and gets set up two days later.

One week later: Wake at 6am. See every call and voicemail that came to the office right there on the smartphone. Check and return the important messages from bed while checking job status details with coffee and laptop. Dispatch the first few jobs before showering, quickly respond to the message that came in during the shower, kiss family goodbye and head to the first job.

No office trip required.

Now that the business owner has his phones on the cloud, he no longer needs to rush to the office in the morning to handle all the messages, calls, emails and dispatching. He gets an extra hour of sleep and does his first hour of work from bed (sometimes the couch or the kitchen table) with his coffee in hand and a real breakfast at his side. He gets to say goodbye to his wife and kids rather than quietly tiptoeing out the door before sunrise.

Just think about how switching to cloud communications could improve your life, too.

See you on the cloud (#9).